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Le Gayo is a symbol of two cultures with one dream



It all began in early of 2018, when we decided to take a family coffee trip to the Gayo Highland in Aceh, Sumatra. We did everything from harvesting at the farm to a great coffee tasting. It was very inspiring and an eye-opener to experience the journey of cherry coffee. From the tree to served that we can enjoy every day. Not long after, we went back home to Indonesia and started our new adventure in coffee business.  Put some time to think of our “WHY”;  established plan, idea, built team and product development.




Firstly, Gayo Arabica has a long history, starting back in the 1920’s. It has a great reputation among coffee drinkers around the world, especially in Europe and the USA. Gayo arabica is the only product from Indonesia that was awarded the PGI status by the European Union in 2017. It’s a recognition of its uniqueness and superior quality.  Gayo History.

Secondly, Gayo Arabica is one of the finest coffees in the world. The soil, micro-climate, and the landscape makes the coffee rich in character, strong body and complex flavours. It belongs to the gourmet category, equal to the class of other world-famous coffees like the Colombian, Panama, Blue Mountain and the Ethiopian.

And lastly, I am 50% Acehnese (mother’s side), it’s a privilege and obligation of mine to continue the legacy, and be the ambassador for Gayo arabica to the world.















Our Coffee

TRACEABILITY, all of our coffee comes from the Bener Meriah District, Gayo Highland, in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia. We are currently working directly with 25 farmers. They are third and fourth generation who are highly knowledgeable in ORGANIC coffee cultivation. See our farmers.

LEGAYO is a SPECIALTY COFFEE, produced from hand picked and high quality ripe red cherries via selected farms that have been consistently producing the absolute highest quality of cherry for years


Our coffee is processed using four different methods: semi washed, fully washed, honey, and natural. Each brings a unique flavour, character and complexity.

The cupping score ranges from 84.75 (very good) – 85.50 (Excellent)

Once the coffee beans are processed and dried, the next step is sorting out the Defects. Defects are imperfections beans such as; deformed, black, moldy, or infested by insect beans. Defects bring unpleasant (negative) and irregular coffee flavor taste.

Specialty green beans cannot have primary defects

Now the coffee is ready to be roasted,
our roastmaster will bring the best out of every bean!








COMMUNITY FEELING, LEGAYO considers every single person involved as FAMILY. We understand that Specialty coffee can only happen when everybody works in harmony and maintains a sharp focus on excellence from start to finish. We all work together with one single mission:




Processing coffee produces a waste called pulp, tonnes of it. The  waste can contaminate the soil and the water system. We MANAGE and RECYCLE the cherry waste (pulp) into compost which is later used by our farmers to fertilize the coffee trees. This is part of our commitment to ORGANIC practices.


In order to IMPROVE and STRENGHTHEN our farmers finance, we empower the wives by giving back the work that can be done around in the neighborhood. Such as cherry picking, cherry sorting and bean/defect sorting. It still allows them to maintain their daily routine like cooking, cleaning, and taking care of their baby/children. This extra income will not only help them go through the very difficult Post-Harvest time (8 months) but also prevent them from borrowing money from agencies.


67% of legayo value chain involve women


We implement ZERO MIDDLE MEN in our business. We buy coffee cherries directly from the farmers, we process it, roast it and make it available directly to the customers around the world.

We’re committed to giving our farmers a FAIR and BETTER price. We believe this is the sole solution for a  Sustainable Business.



































Character: STRONG & BOLD

Chocolate,Tangerine, Nutty, Caramel 

Bold body, Light acidity

Process: Semi Washed

Cupping score: 85.50

Character: SMOOTH & BRIGHT

Chocolate, Spicy, Floral, Butternut 

Medium body, Light acidity

Process: Fully Washed

Cup score: 84.75


Spicy, Berries, Raisin, Honey

Medium body, Light acidity

Process: Honey

Cup score: 84.75

Character: FRUITY

Chocolate, Orange, Guava, Berries

Medium body, Light acidity

Process: Natural

Cup score: 84.75

Character: SOFT

Chocolate, Orange, Creamy, Floral

Medium body, Light acidity

Process: Washed

Pour Over

10 Sachets 

Single Variant/Assorted