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Gayo Highland

Gayo Highland is located in the central part of Aceh Province, Indonesia. The coffee cultivation was started in 1924 by the Dutch. Gayo Highland is the most important area for Indonesia’s arabica coffee, with around 80% of it going for export.

The plantations are 900-1700 m above sea level, which is ideal for Arabica coffee cultivation. It covers around 95,000 hectares, owned by about 66,000 families of farmers. Almost 90 percent of coffee growers maintain organic plantations.

“We work closely with our farmers in Kecamatan Bandar, Bener Meriah Regency, to maintain the traceability and quality of the coffee.”

The traditional local method

The traditional local method of processing the coffee beans is the main factor contributing to the unique quality of Gayo coffee. 3 methods are used: semi-washed, full washed and dry process. This allows distinct, complex flavors.
In 2017, European Union has awarded Gayo coffee with Protected Geographical Indications (PGI) status, the only product from Indonesia obtaining the PGI status. It allows Gayo coffee sellers to market their coffee as an authentic product, signalling superior quality. Moreover, it also offers Gayo arabica coffee protection from counterfeit issue.
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