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le gayo is an arabica specialty coffee brand name that produces from a highland in aceh indonesia called gayo

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Gayo Arabica History

The Gayo highlands of central Aceh is a scenic, pine studded mountainous region. 

It is a cool area situated on one part of the Bukit Barisan mountain range, which stretches across the island of Sumatra.  It lies on the altitude of 900 – 1700 above sea level with rainfall rate at around 1,643 – 2,000 mm/year which is considered highly favorable for coffee plantations.  

The town of Takengon sits at the base of a beautiful lake, Danau Tawar (Lake Tawar) with towering mountains all around. This is the home of the Gayo people, an ethnic group with their own language and a strong music and dance culture.

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Natural Dry Process

The natural process, also known as the dry process, is a back-to-basics approach that stems from Ethiopia.

Hygienic Process

With correctly and properly processed until become green bean coffee to get the Best coffee with hygienically processing

Exclusive Coffee

We already have 4 cupping scored product. all of them more than 80 score. So we have segmented coffee consumer